Club Rules

Newport Folk Club
Blues to Bluegrass

Lindisfarne to Led Zeppelin (well OK no Led Zeppelin)

Should I try a Folk Club ?

Club Rules

When singing fingers may be stuck in ear but nowhere else
Whenever possible songs should be started and finished in the same key.
No song to have more than 25 verses
Bagpipes are banned from indoor use
Banjos by appointment
Practise in your armchair but don’t bring it with you
Prior warning must be given if songs have more than 10 fatalities
Titanic songs banned especially the one with names and addresses
We like a good chorus, starting and finishing together preferred
Bohdran players welcome providing they use beaters supplied by the club

For Health and Safety reasons*, the following songs are banned from the Club:

Black Velvet Band,
The Wild Rover,
The New York Girls,
Fields of Athenry

*Our Health, Your Safety

The People's Folk Club